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Hi guys,

Bit of a noob when it comes to this AV stuff so need a bit of help / advice.

My parents have a Samsung PS507HD, currently on a glass three tier stand, they want it mounted on a bracket above the fireplace. They currently have a large mirror over the fireplace, and I've told them to sit and look at that for a bit and see if it gives them neck pain or anything, they assure me its fine.

Which bracket would you guys recommened? Ideally it will allow the screen to be tilted down slightly, the viewing distance is around 12 foot.

I am considering this bracket....


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Just for future reference - incase anyone else is looking for a bracket (I searched and found several posts where people ask 'what bracket?'. And there are no replies at all... not much use.

I bought the Raw International PT1 Tiling bracket and found it to most acceptable. Easy to install, with a wide range of screen fittings.

It is not easy to adjust the tilt with the screen in place, at least not without the use of a very long allen key or a couple of bit holders.

In all it holds the screen around 60-75mm off the wall, in the case f the P50C7HD the front of the display ends up around 160-175mm from the wall.

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