boxing day deals. $1000 and under price range


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Futureshop has the Energy rc-70 reg $2499 on for $999 a pair
Energy Reference Connoisseur 4-Way Tower Speaker (RC-70) - Black - Single : Tower Speakers - Future Shop

they also have the polk rtia9 on for $799 reg $1999 a pair
Polk Audio Floor Standing Speaker (RTIA9) - Black - Single - Web Only : Tower Speakers - Future Shop

both seem to be excellent though the polkas are power hungry

best buy has the klipsch synergy f-20s on for $499 a pair reg $999 and add a klipsch synergy 650 watt 12" sub for $299 reg $599
Klipsch Tower Speaker (F-20) - Each : Tower Speakers - Best Buy Canada
Klipsch Synergy 12" Down-Firing Subwoofer (SUB-12) : Subwoofers - Best Buy Canada

really leaning towards the energy reference connoisseurs though.. any thoughts?


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Hi and welcome.

Those deals are very attractive,but,this being a British Forum,import duties etc would make the price less so.

Auditioning would also be difficult.



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Your profile says you are in the Cayman Islands, when you buy the speakers will you literally be in the Cayman, or will you travel to the USA or Canada?

I've heard some similar, though slightly smaller speakers from Energy, and they are amazingly clear and details, though perhaps with a bit of emphasis on the treble. These were the CF-50 which is one model line below the speakers you are looking at. The CF-50 are realatively cheap, but I thought they performed well above their price; a very impressive speakers. Depending on your taste, these are a very worthy choice. Also, note the Energy is owned by Klipsch.

I've heard some Polk speakers but never had what I would consider a proper audition. What I heard sounded fine, and the RTi line is pretty good.

Klipsch are noted for their horn designs and that adds a certain presence and brightness to the speakers. I personally like horns, but some people are put off by them. There is not doubt that Klipsch has a long history and a good reputation, and is certainly a worthy speaker.

But, I need you to explain why you are in the Cayman Islands and are ordering everything from Canada? Why not order from the East Coast of the USA - Atlanta, Miami, etc...? There must be audio stores closer to you than Canada.

Oh, and the Best Buy Canada link you used is "Sold Out".

Though a search of Google-USA - Shopping could help turn up other sources -

Klipsch F 20 F20 Speaker - Google Search

These are all good speakers, so it is more down to which you prefer. If you can audition, so much the better, if not, then it is anyone's guess. But they are all good, and regardless of your choice, you can't go wrong. It is just that if you can refine the choice to more what you personally prefer, that is to your advantage. But I can't imagine you being disappointed in any of these speakers.


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