Bowers & Wilkins CM8


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I have decided on buying the Bowers & Wilkins CM8 speakers.
I am hoping to get some inputs and recommendations, on deciding to buying an AVR in terms drive power for the CM8's?

Currently I am considering the Denon 3312, since i am getting a lower price for it, i.e USD 815.00 / GBP 517.00.

The newer model of Denon 3313 is out in the market, with specs almost the same, difference being the improved airplay and 4K upscaling. I have a 1080p, sony TV. will the 4k upscaling really being a point worth looking at?



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Unless you plan to get a 4k screen which do not look like they are going to be affordable for a while then you are not going to miss it on the 3312. Considering the price of the 3312 then that is the one I would be going for.

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