Bowers & Wilkins 702 Signature Floorstanding Speaker Review & Comments


Thanks for this review. Are you sure the plinth is not removable? It is on many of the Bowers & Wilkins floorstanders …

Ed Selley

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Thanks for this review. Are you sure the plinth is not removable? It is on many of the Bowers & Wilkins floorstanders …
It’s removable insofar as it doesn’t ship attached but the spikes and domes seem to be a fitting that only attaches to the plinth and not to the fixings on the foot of the cabinet.


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I see. Strange, as the manual on my CM8 s2's insist on the plinth only being there to make it less susceptible to tipping over. Maybe the plinth is part of this iteration of B&W's "signature" moniker. :D

By the way, on the first photo it looks like the domes are attached without the plinth – might be a PR photo and not the version that made it to production, but still, that would be a much better solution IMO.

Edit: whoops, I see now that you mention it in the review, my bad


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Thanks for the review Ed. I have to say I am rather taken with the 702 sig. Very nice.

I have the 603 in black, although they look more like a very dark grey. The plinth for them is optional. Coupled, they look industrial, and remind me of multi-story support pillars. But they do sound good.


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Nice rack.

Great review Ed.

Love the design of these speakers, though while I don't mind a good plinth, these ones are hardly fitting in with the design of the speaker. They are literally just a black slab. Not that I'm in the position of buying them of course.

There are of course plenty of alternatives, but owning a pair means you get to say you have B&W 7 Series Signature floor standers. Fine by many peoples standards.


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The spikes can just be fitted to the speakers. I used to have the B&W 704S2’s and never used the plinths and used the spikes on the speakers.


Those plinths are farcical :rotfl:

I can’t help but get the impression that the extra cash is for some shininess and a couple of Mundorf caps...


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Have the 602 has fronts..

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