Bowers and Wilkins M1 as Height/Atmos speakers?


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Hello. Im currently running a 7.2.2 Bowers and Wilkins system with Kef Q50a as my front height speakers. I'm going to add rear heights and I cannot do in-ceiling. I would like to keep with the Bowers and Wilkins brand but outside of in-ceiling they only have the M1 speakers that are mountable. Has anyone used them as atmos/height speakers. Would they perform better than the Kef Q50a? The M1's frequency response is 64-23k Hz, while the Kef is 105-18.5k Hz. So as it appears the bowers should have a better frequency curve and do a better Job on the low end but I haven't been able find any information on the use of the Bowers and Wilkins M1's performance as height/atmos speakers. I like my kef but the bowers with the adjustable angles and more versatile mounting position make them a good option. Appreciate any input.


There is no reason why you could not use them. As long as you get the angle right. As for your crossover then personally I would, like the Q50, have it set at at least 120hz. The sub will still carry the low frequencies even those in the Atmos domain which are omnidirectional and underpin those Atmos effects.

Basically any mono speaker can be used for Atmos providing both height and placement criteria can be met.


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I use them as back and side surrounds and am happy with them. Would certainly consider using them as heights but might be difficult to mount directly to ceiling unless you make custom brackets

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Hi All; I'm currently running a 7.1 system based around a Denon X6700 and my original Monitor Audio RADIUS HD 5.1 setup with R270s as fronts, 225 as centre and 90s as surround / rears. I'm about to upgrade to 7.1.4 setup by adding height speakers using the Auro3D layout to support Auro3D / DTS and Atmos. I also have a coffin ceiling with LED strip. To meet the Auro3D height angles with the coffin ceiling makes things a bit challenging!

I have the option to buy 4 B&W M1s quite cheaply and their spec seems pretty good as a height speaker. I want to workout if I can mount them on the vertical edge of the edge soffit and whether they will then clear the ledge where the LEDs are installed. I'm thinking landscape orientation might work, or perhaps inverting the wall brackets. Maybe a spacer between the wall and the bracket to clear the front ledge? I've included a picture to save even more words.

So can anyone let me know the detailed dimensions of the wall mount for these? I know ceiling mounting is pretty difficult and I'd need them to be only about 15 degrees downward tilt rather than pointing at the floor a-la Atmos ceiling speakers.
Screenshot 2022-03-18 at 18.06.54.png

The alternative to the M1s would be more RADIUS 90s ceiling mounted but that would be more than twice the price!


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In your picture you have the stem of the bracket pointing at 45 degrees from the bracket and the speaker pointing about 60 degrees downward. In practice the stem would stick straight outwards and there is only about 30 degrees of adjustment in all directions of the speaker. Hope this makes sense


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Although the actual angle of the speaker in relation to the wall is possible with the brackets


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Chris AV

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Thanks for the pictures and measurements. My diagram is simply figurative based on the B&W manual - I've not seen an M1 in the flesh!
Do you think the speaker would fit into the gap along the lines of my diagram when mounted on the bracket in landscape orientation and direct the sound more or less horrizontal?

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