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Bower Wilkins set-up and a floating wall


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2 Special questions !
Just ordered CM9 and CMC centre 2, and having a floating wall built as the "front end" of a purpose built system (rear and side speakers to follow...).

1) Does anyone know if I can "embedd" the CMC2 (or indeed any centre speaker) into the floating wall, and if so, then what special precautions should I take to prevent rattles but ease access??

2) From the back of the sofa to the rear wall is about 3.5metres of space and "wife-doom factor 9.9" prevents putting CM5s on stands or furniture behind/side of the sofa.

SO is wall mounting say DS3 on the walls 3.5 metres from the back of the sofa a really bad thing??

Many thanks!


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I can't answer question 1, although I would suggest that it is put on a sturdy platform. Also try to angle the centre speaker so that the tweeter is firing towards your ear height. If the centre speaker is too low with the tweeter firing towards your feet you will have to compensate with your amp by increasing the volume to the centre speaker. I use coins with blu-tac between them to adjust the angle of my centre speaker so that it fires towards ear height at the sitting position. Makes a big difference.

Regarding putting the CM5s (tasty speakers..., nice setup... jammy sod!), I don't believe you will have a problem with them wall mounted 3.5 meters back. You need a bit of distance between direct speakers to make them sound a little more diffuse, otherwise the sound is horribly localised to the speaker box.

As far as DS3s, well they are flexible enough to go in both positions... If you can mount on the side-walls (although this looks as likely as England going through to the next round!), then use them in dipole operation as their sound will be more diffuse. If you need to mount them at the back though I would advise switching them to monopole operation. The sound will be more direct, but as they are so far from the listening position that won't matter anyway.

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