Bought TX36PD30 - now which speakers/system?


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After much deliberation, I settled on getting the panasonic tx36pd30. Early days but all looks OK.

Now I need to settle on which speaker system/receiver I need to get.

I was wondering what you guys have to compliement the pd30.

I am looking for a mid range system at the moment and currently have the pioneer dvd recorder dvr-3100, so I am only looking for speakers.

Do I still need a receiver ? (bit of a newbie still, but trying to learn!).

wall mounted rear speakers is my only specific requirement at the moment, but even that could be swayed depending on what is out there...

Any thoughts?


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Hello barneyman,
The main question is How much is YOUR mid range system ?:confused:
Everybody has a diffrent view on low / mid and high depending on how much money they have. You are going to need a receiver and speakers. This may be a one box type ie all speakers and the amp comes in one biggish box or speakers plus a amp / receiver.
Let us know your buget and you will have plenty of opions posted here. Good luck ;)


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thanks for the reply contar.

Having read a bit more over the last few days, I am now thinking my budget is more entry level ! :eek:

I suppose up to around £400 for now is what I am looking to spend.

Having just spent £1500 on the TV, I am looking to go entry level for now, and then look to upgrade as and when.


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barneyman, I was in a similar position to you a couple of months back. Was completely confused by the technolgoy and going to my local Dixions was like going to Alfs second hand cars, full of sales patter. Luckily reading through old threads on this board I found most of the information I wanted.
First up for £400 you will be low end, but that doesn't mean you can't get a fantastic sounding system, you can. After testing a fair few speaker packages I opted for the Tannoy FX5.1 speaker system, for a few reasons. No.1 it had dropped in price from £450 to around £200 in most places, not because it wasn't very good its just never got the reconition early on. No.2 It sounds wonderful and although the speakers are small they do a wonderous job of sounding big and the speech is crystal clear. The subwoofer that come with it does need quite a bit of tweaking otherwise it tends to drown the rest of the film track but once done its a fine system (and comes with wall brackets and 25 metres of cable, although the guys on here will tell you to replace the wire ASAP, they call it bell wire!). Condsidering your budget the best Amp/Rec I can think off is the Pioneer VSX301 (around £160) or if you can splash out a bit more the Yamaha RXV640 is a great amp which I couldn't afford (£300).

Other speakers I like but were out my range were Mordaunt-short Avant Pack, had a shop test of these and they sounded fantatstic, very small speakers very well made look fantastic but cost around you whole budget £400. Anyway best advice I was given is go to a good dealer ask him to set something up in your price range, then look around online for the lowest cost. You can even return to your dealer and ask if he could get near to matching the price.

All the best


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Thanks Pugger, all good stuff.

Maybe a daft question but here goes...

The 5 speaker system; my tv already has a centre speaker, I am guessing I just dont use the speaker that comes with speaker system ?, or does everyone "disconnect" the one from the TV?


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Hi Barneyman,

Not a daft question at all...

When using a home cinema system, none of the speakers in the TV are used. The TV sound is fed to the amplifier and thence to the home cinema speakers. The TV becomes in effect a monitor.




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Thanks Paul , all (slowly) starting to fall into place !

Paul Atreides

Don't want to state the obvious, but this thread is in the wrong place. Maybe a moderator could move it for you.


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can a moderator move this for me?


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