Bought Panasonic 26LXD70 and aerial question


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Been looking for a suitable tv for conservatory for a while and finally got a Panasonic 26LXD70 and extremely happy with my choice, fab picture and no problem with any motion or anything watching football, just what i was after. Also came with 5yr Panasonic warranty (with the promotion which is running at the moment). Think we must be really fortunate as aerial cable wise, just took the aerial out of a 14" portable and stuck in the back and perfect picture! My question was i ideally want to put the cable back in the portable tv so was after recommendations for another aerial from Argos or something (doesn't need to be boosted as it picks up all the channels perfectly already).

Not actually done any changing of the default settings as it seems fine already, is there anything recommended for this set?

Finally, if I can help anyone with any queries about this 26" set, let me know I know!


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If your signal is great you should be able to insert a splitter without a cost to the picture quality

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