Bought my Mission M7C2. HiFiBitz are best!

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Chucky, Sep 12, 2002.

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    Finally i have all of my speakers and subwoofer and cables.
    Setup is:

    Fronts :Mission 773e
    Rears : Mission 77DS
    Centre Front: Mission M7C2
    Centre Front: Mission M7C1
    Sub: Paradigm PDR10

    A/V Receiver? nothing yet. Planning a Denon AVR 1803. but none in stock anywhere?

    The speaker M7C2 is a lot bigger than i thought.. Its huge, and makes my 28" tv look small.

    Now, i can recommend HiFibitz. Even though they didnt have it in stock when i orderd, you can track your order status online and they sent me email immediately when its been shipped to me!
    On top of that, the staff really REALLY know what they are doing.
    They sent me the VAT reclaim form (as i am leaving UK soon) and helped with filling it.

    Compare that with LE Concepts - the guy i spoke to said they couldnt beat HiFibitz price (but whats the point of promising to beat prices?). They could approach that price. then "please wait" and left me waiting on the phone. When i asked about VAT form they said yes but they charge £5 admin fee (just for filling in a piece of paper). Then, whatdya know, they left me waiting, hanging on the phone again.

    I hung up and thought i wont ever buy from them. I bought from HiFibitz, people who know their business and who make it pleasant to buy from them.

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