Question Bought LG 55EG9A7V without HDR -- Have I made a Mistake?


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Good Morning everyone! Please move this thread elsewhere if it does not belong here, I'm new here 😇

So, I always wanted an OLED TV and found a good deal on 55EG9A7V (equivalent to ~880 Euro here), I didn't really need the 4k resolution and since most of the broadcast we can afford is either SD or HD, it seemed like a good choice.

But now after getting it, I came to understand that somehow implementation of wide / 10-bit color is tied with HDR, I'm left with my TV trying to *upscale* / oversaturate most of SDR HD content mastered in rec. 709 to a wide color gamut which is not always accurate. What is more disconcerting is the fact that HDR is being pushed a lot and equivalent SD streams of same content appear washed out.

Now, my problem is that if my TV can do 90% of rec. 2020, why is this color space tied to HDR streams only? Have I made a mistake buying this TV in 2020?

Disclaimer: I'm fairly happy with the image quality and what it can deliver with properly mastered content on SDR, only issue is with content created keeping HDR in mind


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Be honest with yourself: you’ve bought the wrong TV. If you keep it, that decision will gnaw away, and every time that you use it you’ll become more unhappy with it, noticing all of its quirks and foibles. Change it now, whilst you still can, assuming that you can, of course ... :D



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@Clem_Dye ^that can be said for almost any TV :D I'm not upset with the picture quality itself, it's amazing. Just annoyed on rec. 2020 colourspace being tied to HDR, makes no sense 🤷‍♂️

Anyway, can't change the TV; No return policy and no-body here will buy an LG, especially a full-HD. No one here cares about OLED either :p
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