Bought iPad 2 on the 10 month 0% interest thing they have on...


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Has anyone done this? If so, how long does it take? I did the barclays finance thing and signed the agreement digitally on the 20th and got an email from barclays immediately afterwards saying payment would be sent to apple the next day. Now when i check my order status on apple it still says awaiting payment after 2 weeks. Whats the deal. Says I should now expect delivery between Jan 6-8.

Getting kind of antsy to complete the trifecta of the iPhone 4, macbook air and just waiting on this little bad boy...:D


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Gave them a ring at apple and they will chase up Barclays
They screwed up with mine for Xmas so apple gave me a free case for compensation
Barclays should take 7 days to pay but here was lots. Of glitches in the system


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When I bought my iMac a few months back I ordered it and completed/digitally signed the Barclays Agreement on Day 1. Apple confirmed on Day 2 payment received and I received the machine on Day 3 :D

As said, call Apple to chase Barclays.
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