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Absolutely fuming after a situation with Bought By Many that I wanted to highlight so that others don't get caught in the same trap.

Been with BBM for insurance for my two dogs for 3 years. Each year the monthly price has jumped about £10 - understandable as they are getting older, inflation etc.. No claims whatsoever during this period.

This year the renewal jumped by more than £40 per month so I decided to shop around and find an equivalent policy cheaper elsewhere - and that wasn't difficult. My next year will be with a different provider for about the same price as last year with BBM.

I went to cancel the BBM policy online but surprise surprise there's no option to do that explicitly - instead they tell you that someone will contact you to discuss. The next day a couple of emails arrived with quotes for alternative policies none of which were suitable. So I replied and confirmed I wished to cancel at the expiry date and set up the new policy elsewhere.

My policy start / renewal date with BBM was 4th October and the monthly direct debit comes out on/around the 5th, so you are always paying in advance. The final month's DD came out on 5th September and as I have been caught out before with these things, I cancelled the DD mandate with my bank on 20th September.

BBM didn't like this, despite me having paid in full up to the end of the policy i.e. payment on 5th September takes us through to renewal date of 4th October. A curt email duly arrived advising that the mandate had been cancelled and giving 7 days notice to contact them to set up alternative payment arrangements. I admit to having missed this email until this morning, partly because it arrived during a storm of other messages to do with pet insurance and partly because the subject line basically confirmed cancellation of the DD which is what I expected to see.

So today I rather surprisedly received two emails - one advising that cover has been cancelled because the DD has been cancelled (despite me having paid in advance up to 4th October) and the second confirming a refund of about a week's worth of premium has been made.

So now I have no cover for a week unless I can persuade my new provider to pull the start date forward. So that's another company added to my quite-short-actually "never use these b's again" list.... grrrr!

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