Bought Arcam Alpha 8R - now to pair with a CD player...


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I just recently moved back to the UK from Canada, and one of the things that didn't make the trip was the majority of my hi-fi gear, so I'm almost starting from scratch.

I don't suppose there'll be much opinion on the speakers I decided to keep, they're PSB Image B5's - a Canadian brand - they're compact, only have 5" drivers, but I really like them.

I sold an ancient Rotel RA840BX amp, and my beloved Project Debut III. It had a 2M Blue Ortofon cart on it - which whilst super detailed, the flat nature of the Rotel made for a pretty fatiguing listening experience, so I've been looking for a much warmer solution.

I just won an auction on an Arcam Alpha 8R, and intend to buy a Rega RP3 - but am wondering what to pair the amp to with regards a CD player.

Cosmetically, it would make some sense to go for an Alpha 7SE or something, and whilst these are pretty aged, they still fetch £150 or so on ebay.

Would there be any advantage of going with something newer, like say a NAD C 542?

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