Bought an Archos 7000TV...some questions tho


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anyone else whos got an Archos 700 / 700TV?

Just bought an AV700 TV and not 100% happy with it.....anyway...whats the bext way of getting media (DVD's) onto the Archos? I'm pretty p1ssed off that the 700TV didnt come with any means of allowing me to plug it into the back of my dvd player and simply record the media across (need the 'optional' travel kit as minimum for this - downright stingy when you spend £450 on a product!) As far as I can tell there is no way to record anything onto it (apart from via TV/USB) 'out of the box' without the optional travel kit/docking pod.

Any ideas on how I can get my library of DVDs onto it?

Also, anyone had any luck with recording from Sky+ with one? Any views on this his would be interesting - I'm assuming the only way is to buy the 'optional' docking pod (£50!), then wait in realtime for each recording to transfer over?

Got to say I'm a bit dissapointed with it so far.....when its recording TV you cant do anything else with it, the scheduled recordings doesnt integrate with the EPG, so you have to manually work out what channel and what time to start and finish, no season pass (would have been nice)

Might end up taking it back at this rate.




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Sounds like you would have been better off with a regular AV500 or 700 which comes with all the extras you need but without the built in tuner.

Best place for the travel cable is Amazon less than £15 but you'll then need a coax plug to scart adaptor unless your output device has coax output sockets.

If all you want to do is transfer DVD's to the unit you could encode these on the PC and this will give you more control over the compression and quality, but will be slower than direct recording to the unit. Plenty of software around for doing this, check the forums for what suits you best.


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T'other half bought a AV700TV from QVC, but ended up sending it back as it wouldn't pick up a Freeview signal, even though we're in a good signal area.

The best way (quality wise) I've found with Archos devices to get DVD on them is to process them on a PC using something like AutoGK, or Handbrake if you use a Mac.

I couldn't find any way of recording on to the AV700TV with the leads provided, you need a travel lead or dock.

We now have a AV700 80GB device - £350 on Amazon, and it comes with the dock and all the proper leads.

I think leaving the dock out is a new thing, apparently so people can buy add-ons to suit their needs - nothing to do with cost cutting and profit making. :rolleyes:

The new Archos 604 and 404 devices that are coming soon will be the same from what I've heard.
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