Question Bought a brand new Pioneer SC-LX73 & BDP-LX54 (never unboxed) to replace Sony STR-DN1040! Need help!


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Hello everyone!

I managed to pick up a brand new, boxed (sealed) Pioneer SC-LX73 & BDP-LX54 today from someone locally for £450! The guy had bought them new in 2011, but ended up moving abroad for work and never got around to installing them.

I used to own a Pioneer VSX-2021 a few years back and I stupidly sold it to purchase a 4K compatible amp to go with my new 4K TV. I had ended up purchasing a Sony STR-DN1040 and I have since missed my old Pioneer amp, until I found this deal today.

Do you guys think that I grabbed a good deal today? Would you say that the SC-LX73 out performs my existing Sony STR-DN1040?

I decided to purchase this amp today because I feel somewhat disappointed with Pioneer's current offerings and I could never find a newer model that I like. I feel that the audio quality of a high-end Pioneer amp will be equivalent to the SC-LX73 amp that I picked up today, minus some features e.g. Dolby Atmos and 4K/HDR pass-through, which leads to my next question.

Which is the best way for me to get pure Dolby TrueHD/Uncompressed audio from my 4K devices?
Should I:
  • Run a HDMI cable from the 4K source to the TV and have the amp use ARC to retrieve the audio from the TV?
  • Use a HDMI splitter to split the 4K source into two outputs. One will feed directly to the 4K TV, and the other directly to the amp?
I'd really appreciate any input

Thanks! 36810593_10156473625442673_2090863175741210624_n.jpg36698452_10156473593587673_6738065635948888064_n.jpg36810593_10156473625442673_2090863175741210624_n.jpg36698452_10156473593587673_6738065635948888064_n.jpg

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Hello. Yes, the Pioneer seems to have been a little more expensive and slightly more powerful than the Sony when they were first released. If you have had a Pioneer before and you liked it, then hopefully you will like this one better than the Sony.

If you connect the 4K sources directly to the TV, and pass the audio through to the amp via ARC, you will be limited to SD audio, it could be 5.1, but it won't be HD. However, it does depend on your TV, some of them downmix audio to stereo from external sources.

What are your 4K sources and what audio are you trying to access from them? if they only have stereo audio or SD 5.1, then ARC may be okay. But if they have better quality than that, you might be missing out, although, it depends on the rest of your set-up as whether you can hear the difference, so you should give it a try.

Best possible solution is to run dual HDMI outputs from the 4K source, one for 4K video direct to the TV and one for HD audio direct to the amp, you can do this with some UHD players, and PC's.


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I just won a Pioneer SC-LX73 on ebay for £200 with the P&P am changing from an avr 2310.
people seem to rate it high.


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Looking at the AMP doesn't seem to do 4k as it's hdmi ports are v1.4a and for 4k you need to have hdmi ports that are 2.0 I recently upgraded my AMP from a Yamaha as it didn't allow 4k sources to a Sony strdn1080 the info Rambles has gave seems to be the best solution I think it also seems that the Sony had all the stuff for 4k on it too
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