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Bought 3D TV: new amp needed now. hdmi 1.3 or1.4?

radical ed

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Ive just bought a new telly. The samsung le46750 3d to be pricise. Its a stonker. Unfortuanatly my amp isnt. Its an old sony stg dg820. From 10 years ago. This amp still works flawlessly, but the new TV has a lot of processing and gubbins, so now the audio is out of sync, and the amp dosent have an audio delay. So.....

New amp time! Woohoo!!

Im not looking for anything too crazy, i have the jamo 5.1 102's, PS3, and a V+HD box so need somthing to go with them.

Im thinking about the sony STR-DG820, as im upgrading from a sony and like the sound. But its only 1.3. Ive read a lot of conflicting reports about wether 1.3 can handle a full 3d signal, or if the amp would downscale to 1080i or even show anything at all.

Whats the general consensus? Can 1.3 handle 3d? Since all my sources are 1.3, would i see any benefit from having a 1.4 amp? I dont need any of the extra gubbins that 1.4 brings; ethernet, return path, so would a 1.3 amp sufffice?

Thanks in advance.

edit: im not set on a sony amp, so if anyone has any better ideas, go fo it!
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You may struggle to get a 820 as they are over 2 years old now (was replaced by the 800 which is being replaced by the 810 I believe). Sony and Jamo speakers are not a normal combination due to both being bright sounding but assuming you like the sound your system makes now it must be assumed you like brigher sounds. Hence to stick with the current sound you have going for a SOny or Onkyo reciever would probably be best even though Yamaha/Denon would be more normal partners with Jamo speakers.
Going for a new 1.4a reciever will give you some future proofing with your new TV and allow you to upgrade to a 3D bluray player (although even with a 1.3 reciever you could do this just with less choice of player). Hence I would look at the new Onkyo recievers 308/508 or the new Sony 810.

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