Boston Soundware XS SE + Onkyo TX-SR309. Ideal companions for PS3 and PC?


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Been investigating possible hardware my first ever cinema surround system and currently have my eye on:

Boston SOUNDWARE XS SE Black | 5.1 Speaker Package | Richer Sounds


ONKYO TXSR309 - £169.95
Onkyo TXSR309 Black | AV Receiver | Richer Sounds

Yay or nay?

OK I'll outline my requirements as well:

Absolute needs:
Something to take full advantage of the PS3's capabilities; games, blu-rays and streamed video via PS3 Media Server with the latter being most mportant.
HD sound (whatever the common types are).
5.1 channels at least.
To be able to receive both audio and video directly from a PC. Probably via HDMI and optical together, unless there's another way that makes more sense?

Optional wants:
3D compatibility.
Expandability beyond 5.1 channel.
A half-decent musical experience.
Enough connections for old scart devices like a PS2, divx dvd player & vcr (not sure how much these things can benefit from such a setup, I even have an old Sega Master System II that I'd like to hook up!)
Networking DNLA, wi-fi etc.
USB port or some way to receive sound from the TV itself if I play something through my TV's USB port.

Will never need:
Connectivity with anything involving live TV or radio, cable/sky/freeview etc.
Apple-specific compatibility.

The room is 3x4x3 metres and don't care about the size or cosmetics of any of it. Up until now I've been using a 13 year old Aiwa hi-fi for all my sound so almost anything would be a vast improvement I'm sure. I'm also assuming the PS3's upscaling is adequate enough not to need it from the AV receiver. The screen is a 60 inch LG 60PS8000 plasma and my budget is around £450.

Update: Since nobody said no, I took that as a sign that I'd made a good choice and went ahead and got the products mentioned above. It appears that the TX-SR309 manual says that it does up to 7.1 despite the Richer Sounds web page saying only 5.1. Unless I interpreted the booklet wrong, nice bonus! The speakers sound crisp and clear as well and the woofer is a beast, even with the cheapest cabling. So far so good!

Update again: I think it merely accepts 7.1 input but outputs it at 5.1 or below. Even though you can hook an extra two speakers up to it, they don't count as additional sound channels for some reason. Oh well, it's 5.1 speakers I bought anyway and still loving the sound from them.

I have used the extra speaker outputs to hook up my old speakers so I can switch between them to at the flick of a button for comparison. If I had any doubts before that the Boston Acoustics sound significantly better, I didn't after after trying this.
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