Boston sound works se or Lg 4530?


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I have had an Onyko 309 receiver for 3 yrs with a canton 5.1 set up, cd 50, 2 cd 100,s and 2 cd 10,s. Used in a 5x4m room with the viewing sofa necessarily recessed in a rectangular window bay meaning the 10,s currently sit on the window sill-not ideal. Movies sound great. Music less so but then I listen to music mainly in another room with a denon q 2010i set up. Anyway, renovation works at home signal a reassessment of the movie set up and I need to move to something smaller and less visible. I wonder if anyone here has experience of both the Lg and the Boston's? I appreciate that neither will really compare to what I have already but I don't know how big the gulf will be. It is difficult to demo either and get an idea. The Lg of course is not 5.1. That may not matter as much as I think. We like a blockbuster also love foreign films. Atmosphere generated by music is therefore just as important as bullets whizzing all around our heads. I have also considered the Yamaha 2200 but can only stretch to this if I manage to sell the receiver and speakers. Any advice and help gratefully received!



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A soundbar is going to sound worse for both movies and music IMHO. You will not get anything like a surround sound experience and with music it is going to be pretty lousy too. I would stick with the AVR option if at all possible.
Why not get some larger speakers up front which will improve the musical performance and then smaller rears to hide out of the way? The Monitor Audio Radius R180 can be bought for £90 each and would perform well for music and movies. They can be wall mounted around a TV with no issues as well.


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I have just bought some ruark mr1,s in the classifieds for music. And a Boston soundworks se for cinema.they will be wall mounted. I don't expect the latter to be as good as other 5.1 options least of all my current set up Mrs B will be happier with less visible speakers and clutter.

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