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Loudspeaker manufacturer, Boston Acoustics, has introduced its TVee Model 25 Soundbar System with wireless subwoofer. The virtual surround sound TV and Music audio system uses a slim soundbar and wireless subwoofer to give your audio a boost without the need to hide any speaker cable.

With a claimed total system power of 150 watts (RMS), the TVee Model offers various presets through Boston’s 'Digitally Optimized Virtual Surround'. Boston say it's 'perfectly sized' for flat-panel TVs 32” or larger, the TVee Model 25’s soundbar achieves its audio performance through the use of Boston Acoustics’ low-distortion, wide-bandwidth “HHRT” (Hyperbolic High Rigidity Transducer) driver technology. The light and rigid cone uses a complex shape to reduce distortion, widen the “sweet spot”, and enhance dynamic performance - or so they claim. The system’s wireless subwoofer’s 6-inch down-firing bass driver complements the experience.

Everything has to be 'Smart' these days so Boston are touting their “Play Smart” product approach. The TVee Model 25 includes a variety of “Smart” features including “one-wire” hookup; a remote learning feature that means you don't need an extra one to clutter the coffee table and a special “Placement EQ Switch” that Boston says 'maximizes performance' whether the soundbar is placed in a cabinet or mounted on a wall.

The Tvee Model 25 Soundbar System has a suggested retail price of £299.


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