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I have just 'upgraded' my system and bought a Denon 3802 AV/Reciever for my new 'home cinema setup' (Panasonic Plasma, Sky+, DVD & VCR).

I already have a Bose system 10 speaker system (with the passive sub-woofer) but to enjoy full 5.1 or 6.1 dolby digital movies, I need a seperate 'active sub-woofer' ?

My question is can I retain the Bose system and disconnect the bass unit, just retaining the front, centre and surround speakers and then add a seperate active sub-woofer or should I 'junk' the lot and buy a complete new speaker system (any recommendations would be welcome)



Originally posted by derek.austin
should I 'junk' the lot and buy a complete new speaker system (any recommendations would be welcome)

Yes. ;)

I run Polk Audios and a Velodyne CHT-15 through a Denon 3801 and I am very pleased with the results, very good sound quality with movies and music. The Polks are clean but not overly bright, the sub was bought from the power buys and is a class piece of kit, no distortion whats so ever, just and low clean bass.

Depends on your budget but other speakers to look at are B&W, Kef, Tannoy, Mission and M&K, these are used by various members on the forum and hopefully will give you their views on some of the different makes.

Once you have a few ideas best advice would be to go and listen to some for yourself, if you can find a dealer that will let you have a home demo all the better, this will tell you whether you are happy with the overall performance of the speakers in your room, speakers can sound a little different in the showroom.

Listing your budget will help members with their recommendations as well.

Happy hunting. :)


Before upgrading I had Bose 5.1 system :blush: with the passive sub and an additional M/Short active sub. The passive sub gave very poor bass, but without it you will get a very unbalanced sound from the satalites (IMHO).
I would suggest that you get a CHT-10/15 from Uncle Eric and then save up to get better speakers as and when the budget permits.:rolleyes:


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