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Hi, I am fairly experienced and just bought a house that previously had a Bose home theatre system installed. The best I can tell the previous homeowner had a Lifestyle V20 home theatre system. However, the only items they left were the 3 front speakers (a center, Left and right) as well as 2 sets of speaker wires in the back of the room with no speakers for them. I am trying to figure out what I would need to do to get the system in working order or if I should just purchase a new system and utilize the existing speaker wires.

I attached a picture of one of the speakers that is left as well as the connector cables I see coming out of the wall. Would anyone be able to help point me in the right direction? I read through some previous posts and it seems like if i want to keep the existing speakers I would need to purchase an acoustimass module along with 2 cube speakers, but I am not sure which one I would need to purchase.

Thanks in advance for any help


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Sloppy Bob

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Bin them and start over.

You could get much better for less money.

Bose speakers are a triumph of marketing over substance.

Sloppy Bob

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The cables can be reused by just cutting the plugs off the end and leaving a small section of the wire bare or, depending upon the speakers you choose, attaching bannana plugs.

The only issue is it's all intended to attach to the Acoustimass module and that might not be where you want your AVR to be located.
You'd also need cable for a subwoofer.

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