Bose Soundbar 700 Review & Comments

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Interesting review, others have rated the soundbar higher with comparisons to the sonos beam. However for the price the I think the beam would be a better buy...

Steve Withers

The Beam definitely gives you more bang for your buck.


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Companies like Bose & Sonos continue to baffle me. Its end of 2019 and these companies are unable to offer modern day features. Looks like Samsung are the only company who have nailed it this year w.r to soundbar.


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Please dont ask why, but I was in the Bose shop at Gunwharf Quays Portsmouth a few weeks back, and was disgusted the way the staff try pressure selling these soundbars with all the rubbish spill, so called one time offer...
They tried it to me and I was a bit brutally honest, and then left well alone.
One chap was with his young family contemplating kit purchase. I decided to look at the kit price for him and found it £250 cheaper at JL, he was well chuffed, but for some reason I was asked leave :censored:


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And just so you know it doesn’t play Apple Music natively via the assistants ...

ive got the 500 ..wish I’d never bought it ... the 700 based on this review seems to be exactly the same ..and lots of issues with the HDMI-Arc ..

avoid ...


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There are no HDMI inputs and while there is eARC, the lack of lossless audio support makes it redundant
One benefit to e-ARC might be with lip sync issues. If you search Sonos Beam and lip-sync issues you'll see a plethora of complaints.

This soundbar might have been ideal for a small living room or 2nd TV if it was priced around £300/400 max. I know that's just Bose pricing but it's far too high considering the alternatives available.


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Let's face it, Bose products are for people who want to be able to tell their friends that they own a Bose product.
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