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any help much appreciated.
A family member has a Bose soundbase and lives far from me, so I’m not able to inspect the unit to confirm the issue.
What I’ve been told is that the optical input socket on the back of the Bose has been ‘pushed in’ to the extent that you cannot now insert an optical/Toslink cable.
I am told that the other inputs (I believe there is co-ax and a pair of RCAs are unaffected. If this is correct, then we can presumably overcome the optical problem by either going co-ax (need an optical to co-ax converter) or use the RCAs (need a cheap external DAC).
What I’d like to try and understand though is how the optical input could have been ‘pushed in’ without the other inputs being affected. I would have thought they were all attached to the same part of the PCB?
Is it a common problem?
Is it something which could be repaired in a cost effective way?
Any other thoughts, helip or guidance?

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