bose:rear only?


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i wonder if anyone has done this or is it not a wise idea after all.
a friend of mine wants a 5.1 system and has choosen the b&w 705 to be his av fronts.(inc b&w centre)
his problem lies in that if he were to do the same with the same or even with the lower 602,he feels the room appears a little crowded.
An option would therefore then be the bose as the rears.(or even the antony gallos)
is this a wise move?
are the two brands really a good match with each other?
the amp being used is the ax5


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Sounds like a bit of a funny combination to me.

The B&W 700 range is a not a bad bit of kit at all, and the bose cubes are small, tinny sounding cubes.
So no, I don't think the brands are matched at all.
What about some Mission bipolars or a pair of B&W dipolars?
They are not exactly compact cubes, but are relatively flat and wouldn't potrude like you would expect standard monople bookshelf/standmounts to.
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