Bose MIE2 Headphones - Any good?


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I have a Samsung Galaxy S II device and due to the original Samsung headphones provided being crap, I am deciding on buying a new pair of quality headphones.

First of all, I don't want to pay more than £120 for it.
I looked for Beats, but they are kind of more than my budget & the in-ear headphones that it has may not be as comfortable as Bose's/fall of quickly by wind. so I found Bose MIE2, but i'm not sure whether it's worth the price or not (considering every factor that a good headphone has)

So briefly I am looking for a headphone that:
  1. Is in-ear like normal mobile headphones
  2. Has a mic so I can take calls with it too
  3. Is comfortable for long usage
  4. Doesn't fall off my ears quickly by wind (as you know it's so windy in England so... :p)
  5. Has the best sound quality in that price range

Is the Bose MIE2 worth it?



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I have the Mie2's as well as some Shure SE215's and Klipsch S4is (+ countless over / on ear's) ...

The Bose' are superb for desk or 'quiet' listening as they don't have any noise isolation properties but this means you can hear phones ringing, people speaking close by etc which can be useful !

They are incredibly 'accurate' sonically unlike most other bass heavy Bose products so don't expect thumping, deep bass but, generally sound is wonderful.

Incredibly comfortable as they don't sit in the ear canal but just outside the ear like normal cheapo Apple buds. The little silicon 'stay-hear' tips do a great job keeping them secure without causing any discomfort.

So, if your looking for mostly quiet room listening then these are great ... if its 'out and about' listening your looking for then I would recommend IEMs like the Shure's or similar.

Hope that helps?


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Just to add to this ... I recently bought a Fiio E11 portable headphone amp for use at my desk and this had added another dimension to the Bose MIE2i's. It shows that the buds really can produce deep and clean bass when they are fed the right input ... really nice.

The E11 has added some 'thump' to my other earphones as well but the difference has been most marked and impressive with the Bose'.

Again ... hope that helps.
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I bought a pair of these to use in the gym; as they are the most comfy phones I have tried. The sound quality is decent (they're quite sensitive so easy to drive) and stay in place whilst running etc. And I like being able to hear what's going on around me when in the gym, out running, etc.

As aforementioned they are not the fully noise isolating type; so they are affected by the environment they are used in - and you will notice lack of bass if not in a quiet area. NOT suitable for use on a plane or the underground! (have some Denon noise-cancelling ones that duty!)

For my purposes, the Bose MIE2 are very good (very comfortable, do not physically hurt my ears whilst in the gym, can use my iPhone to receive calls if necessary, inline volume controls, good quality build) but I would not say the best in sound quality at that price.

All depends on your priorities...
The Bose portable are very good, go and buy them and be happy.... I have brought almost all kinds of headphones from cheap to electrostatics.

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