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Bose Lifestyle + 901s = Headache

Discussion in 'AV Pre-Amp/Processors & Power Amps' started by nppauL, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. nppauL


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    So my gf's dad buys a lifestyle 18 system, and buys bose 901s, wants them to all work together, and of course, looks at the book, craps his pants, and makes me do it. He has a kenwood reciever/power amp setup to run the 901s with.

    So the system, eventually, ideally, will work like this:

    Lifestyle controller running the 5.1 Acoustimass system. Audio out on the Lifestyle controller hooked to the inputs on the kenwood reciever (right now I've got it plugged into tape in, doubt that matters though). The reciever is plugged into the kenwood power amp, where the 901s are connected.

    Set up like that, I get sound from the 901s, but no sound from the acoustimass speakers.

    Everything to the acoustimass speakers is connected right, I've done it more than once before and know what is going on there. I'm wondering if maybe there is a setting in the lifestyle unit to enable/disable the acoustimass speakers, but I'm not entirely sure. I havent been able to access the 'system' menu because when I press the system button on the remote the lifestyle unit flashes "See TV" and as of now I havent been able to hook a tv to it. If there is an option like that in the menu and anyone can tell me, That would answer that question. (Yes, I've tried unplugging the cables from the audio out on the off chance that the unit wont run 2 outputs at once, and it doesnt make any difference.)

    My final question is: how do I hook up the 901 equalizer? If I hook it between the reciever and the power amp I get the equalilzer control, but I lose all volume control. If I hook it up between the lifestyle unit and the reciever, I get no sound out of the 901s at all.

    If anyone can help me with either of these, i'd really really appreciate it.

  2. caleb

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    Sep 30, 2003
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    Cape Town (Ex Holmfirth Yorkshire)
    Here's the answer to your problem: -

    Throw away the Bose and get some real kit!

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