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Bose Lifestyle 48 replacement



OK help needed big time guys here. Got suckered into the Bose thing a couple of years ago. Really don't like it and want to change to another manufacturer and system. I have a biggish living room its 7m x 6m so I need something thats not gonna get lost in there and wood floors, if that makes a difference, no carpet.

I have a few problems with doing this though, bear with me I'll run though em, we could be here sometime!

Firstly everything on the plasma wall has been made bespoke for the things I am running at present. My 50" pioneer plasma is flushed in, sky hd box has its own little slot, the tuner for the plasma and the Bose lifestyle box.

All the wiring for the Bose is currently behind this wall as well. I can maybe rewire a few things behind there but it will be a hassle. For the right setup though I would do it. The same applies to the rear speakers also. The sub is in front of the wall at the right hand side and is on view

Secondly as the room is set out I have nowhere to put separates so a direct replacement for the Bose would be a better alternative to me. If I could slot something into the existing hole in the wall where the Bose had been, that would be ideal.

Thirdly is speaker size. Wife thing I know but I'm a little anal like that too. My positioning of the front speakers I understand has to be quite low doesn't it so I dont want anything too big. If the could be mounted a little higher then I could maybe fit some bigger speakers.

The ones at the rear of the room are mounted at h/l anyhow as there was nowhere else they could really go.

I've tried to attach a pic so you can see my problems

Basically I have a budget of about 2-3k and want a kick ass system with minimal disruption. Can anyone suggest any options. Not that arsed about multi-room but is would be a bonus. I like to listen to music and movies in there so something that be good at both please.

Picture 002.jpg

Picture 003.jpg

Hope the pictures have come out ok. It will help.

Loads of comments guys, I'm all ears, and please don't rib me about my Bose setup!:blush:

Kind Regards,


The most drastic option would be to cut some more slots in the other side as I'm thinking PS3 soon, and maybe a bigger plasma, so that could be an option. how many more slots would I need for a decent separates system. This however is only an option if the Bose cannot be upgraded to something a lot better.

Best 60" Plasma? and cost?


Prominent Member
What about something like the Arcam Solo Movie and the speaker package they make to go with it?


I'll have a look thanks for your help. I know this sort of question has been asked many times before, but is the space issue thats a problem, I don't really wanna start pulling the false wall to pieces the wifes gonna go mad!

Only been finished just over a year.....

Bit disappointed with the feedback on here, thought I'd get a few more suggestions off the knowledgeable

Thanks again,




Thank you that looks like just what I'm looking for and gets some great reviews. Pity its the only one suggested so far!

Any particular speakers/sub with these you could suggest?



John Dawson

Established Member
Ahem..... the Arcam speaker package of Musos and Logo subwoofer is really rather good and is a perfect match for the Solo Movie :) It is also compact and (relatively) wife friendly and when bundled with the Solo Movie will exactly fit your budget.....

John Dawson (Arcam)

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