Bose Launches Soundlink III Bluetooth Speaker


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Hey guys - How does this unit sound vs the prior generation(s)?

I thought the SQ of the 2nd generation unit was good, but it felt like I was listening to an artist trapped inside a box. By that, I mean, it sounded pretty muddy at the top end, with tons of bass thrown around.

Have they managed to rectify that?

It was because of the above I opted for a Jawbone Big Jambox; quite some time ago, now.


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It would be interesting to hear how the III sounds. I've just bought a SoundLink Mini, which is very good for it's size and although not perfect, Bose appear to be doing a pretty good job of improving their DSP.


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I've got the previous model, it does sound impressive when you first hear it. Lots of bass for a small (but heavy) unit. Thing is, it is not HiFi!
The bass is very artificial, and a little disconnected to the mid-range. So plenty of room for improvement but, at these prices I won't be rushing out to buy just yet.

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