Bose introduces new wireless audio link product for Lifestyle systems


John Archer

<img src="" align="right">Here’s the info from Bose on its new wireless audio link system…</p><P>”The expansion of LIFESTYLE® DVD home entertainment systems from Bose was improved with the 2004 introduction of BOSE® link -- a simple, wired connectivity for audio throughout the home. With the introduction of the AL8 wireless audio link from Bose, running wires from room-to-room is entirely eliminated, while maintaining the audio quality of a fully-wired system.</p><P>The Bose link AL8 homewide wireless audio link works with any DVD-based LIFESTYLE® home entertainment system from Bose and consists of a transmitter (AL8) and a receiver (AR1), which come packaged together. The AL8 system can be set-up within minutes, and operates wirelessly by radio frequency. </P><P>The user makes one connection from the AL8 transmitter to the LIFESTYLE® media center in the main room. The AL8 transmitter is then simply plugged in to a standard wall outlet. In any additional room, the user makes another single connection from the AR1 receiver to a BOSE link enabled powered speaker system, or a LIFESTYLE® stereo amplifier with speakers from Bose. Again, the AR1 receiver is simply plugged into a standard wall outlet for power. The AL8 and each AR1 work together automatically by establishing a wireless link once plugged in. They then begin transmitting and receiving digital audio as well as control commands through the two-way wireless link. </P><P>While other solutions are available for an integrated home-wide audio solution, some involve the cost and complexity of hiring a contractor for installation. The AL8 system overcomes this consumer objection by eliminating the need to run wires from room-to-room.</p><P>“The Bose link AL8 homewide wireless audio link system solves problems that have long vexed the wireless consumer electronics industry,” explained Jim Scammon, director of the Bose Home Entertainment Division. “We believe it is another benefit that LIFESTYLE® systems offer, differentiating our solutions from other home entertainment systems in the marketplace.” </p><P>The AL8 system is compatible with internal sources such as the digitally stored music on a LIFESTYLE® system (through the technology of the uMusic™ intelligent playback system), CDs, and AM/FM, as well as from external audio sources connected to the media center -- the TV, VCR or cable/satellite box. </p><P>The system provides dual stream transmission, allowing users to select from two different audio sources at the same time. In a primary room, for example, a user can be watching a movie through the LIFESTYLE® 38 or 48 system, while speakers in another room play the system’s stored music collection or AM/FM radio for another family member. The AL8 system can be used to expand a single LIFESTYLE® system wirelessly into eight different rooms. No additional software or computer-based operation is required. </p><P>All BOSE® link enabled speaker systems are compatible with the AL8 wireless audio link, including the new LIFESTYLE® RoomMate® powered speaker system, the 3•2•1 and 3•2•1 GS Series II DVD home entertainment systems, the new WAVE® radio/music systems and the LIFESTYLE® stereo amplifiers connected to speakers from Bose. With the new optionally available radio-frequency PERSONAL® Music Center II (remote control) from Bose, users have complete, interactive control over the LIFESTYLE® system media center and most connected audio/video components from almost anywhere in the house.</p><P><b>New FreeField Circuitry</b><br>New proprietary FreeField® circuitry was designed specifically to transmit an audio signal with full fidelity, and wide dynamic range. FreeField circuitry is unlike other wireless transmission schemes that were designed for wireless internet access or networking, and not necessarily for high quality audio transmission. </P><P>FreeField circuitry ensures a clear, steady and consistent audio signal in the presence of radio frequency signals from the majority of other household equipment, including wireless computer networks and cordless phones. Common interference with microwave ovens can also be avoided by placing the AL8 system and appliance a small distance apart. </p><P>“Sophisticated technology makes it possible, but the ease-of-use and simple set-up is maintained, continuing the promise of all LIFESTYLE® systems,” explains Scammon. “This is a solution for people who want wireless home-wide audio, but don’t want to compromise the performance or reliability of fully-wired systems -- or use a computer to make it possible.” </p><P>The AL8 transmitter and the AR1 receiver come in black and each measure 7.62 cm high by 15.24 wide and 15.24 deep. The complete system and individual receivers will be available in October 2005 at authorized BOSE® dealers. Stockists: 0800 107 4999, <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A>.
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