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I know that everyone here hates BOSE and would never recommmend them but I really want a lifestyle 50 and have found it in the USA for $2700 compared with the best UK price £3711 that saves a few pennies but I cannot find anyone who will ship to the UK. Does anyone know of any complanies that will ship to the UK as I refuse to pay full whack

Thanks in Advance
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No idea, but if you do manage to find dealer that will ship to the UK remember to factor in:

  • 17.5% vat
  • 2.5% import duty (at least)
  • extortionate delivery charge
  • extortionate courier brokers fee
  • cost of shipping back to the US if it develops a fault

God luck.. :devil:


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Hi there.

I did exactly waht you want to do. I bought a Bose AM16 system from Cananda. What I did was get it shipped to someone I knew in Canada, had them re-send it (after repacking it in 2 bowes) and sent it via Air Canada Cargo post.

That way it was sent as a gift and I missed out on paying tax AND the shipping cost was very small.

Also I bought a powerful voltage convertor on Totteham Crt Rd for £50.

Obviously this is reliant on you knowing someone 'abroad' but it worked for me..



I know this is an old thread but I'm interested to hear how you got on with buying a BOSE lifesytyle50 from the US. I've been looking into it as well and have found a site that will ship to the UK. They do a dual voltage for $3699 including the shipping, taxes, insurance, vat and import duties to you in europe and 110volt for $2600.

Questions are is there anyone that has use this site for ordering kit. Also is anyone using a Bose LS50 USA model on a voltage converter in the UK.

Sounds like lots of forum people don't recommend BOSE but at these prices I think they ok.



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I used that exact site to order my Lifestyle 50 BOSE setup and was very impressed with the service.

I'm running it using a voltage converter also from that website and have had no problems.

I spoke to BOSE and if you just buy the 110v they will convert it to 240v and give you a new multi room box for around £100.

email me [email protected] for any other questions....



Why are / was you so keen on buying a BOSE system?

Was it a 'keep the missus' happy scenario?

You do realise you could have had superior audio performance for a lot less money?...

Just interested really:confused:



Cat here,

I have 30 years of experience in audio, since it's passion.

Let me tell you a story ;) :

25 years ago I bought the best BOSE receiver there was in the market, cost me around USD$1000 aprox.

Later, while roaming in a flea market, I found a german Grundig receiver, which was deteriorated. I bought it and spend some time reconstructing it. I started testing the Grundig receiver and was surprised to find out that it had an FM sensitivity from 1.2-1.5 microVolts, while my so-great BOSE receiver, with struggles only managed 1.8 microVolts, even with connecting it with a good FM antenna that I had. This means, that the lower the micro volt sensitivity in FM, you will obtain a more clearer, better quality Hi-Fi sound, in other words, without distortion. I wasn't convinced, since I had paid a lot of money on that BOSE receiver, and I couldn't understand how a German Grundig receiver, which was 10 years older than the BOSE receiver, was smoother in receiving FM signal, and it received it in Hi-Fi Stereo with more than 90dB of separation in each channel.

So, I grabbed my screwdriver and unscrewed the lid off the BOSE receiver, and to my dismay, I discovered that the BOSE receiver was made of japanese and taiwanese components, which were of pretty poor quality (no offense to anyone of them since they do some really cool stuff), and I also discovered that the BOSE receiver doesn't use as much coils as it should, and instead replaced them, especially for the FM intermediate frequency, with ceramic filters, which are not as good as a coil. Why? because the damn ceramic is way unstable due to temperature shifts (which are a pain in the ass), and its unadjustable (unlike the coil). Its just a simple resonator.

Conclusion, my experience tells me that if you want a good Hi-Fi sound system, with great quality and all, I'd recommend you buy either a Grundig, or Telefunken, or similar, or a Phillips (built in Holland).

You wanna buy that BOSE, fair enough, no problem, but if you're looking for sound quality and long life, then I suggest those above, but make sure that they're manufactured in Germany or Holland, or in England.

Best of luck,


Cat Revilla


Spligsey, I don't need gadgets to keep the missus happy! The reason why I'm looking at BOSE as it suits the requirement I want it for (ready to go, 4 music zones lounge,kitch, outdoor (with env speakers) and bathroom with Rf remote at each). And of course small speakers that don't take up much room and sound acceptable for the room type/function they're in.
I know that There's plenty of better audio setups but if you can spec a system that does the following easily for $2500 then please post what you'd go for-
5.1 AV on one of the zones
4 music zones
RF remote
Small speakers

By the way, I like a good music system which is why the AV/Cinema room in my place has a totally diff spec of seperates with mission spkrs and would be where I'd listen to music (as I'm putting a bar in as well) or watch films.

Also for all the anti-Bose, The wave radio/CD is the best waste of money I've ever spent on a gadget. I'll admit it's too much (took over a year to convince myself to buy it) for a clock radio but it is very good.


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