Bose Bashing !!




A year ago, I purchaced a set of AM15 MkII's. I have read many threads on this site slating them. They are not the best system I have listened to, but they are far better than many of the sub/sat systems currently available. The system is also very good looking, & looks superb mounted on my walls, with the cables chased into the walls.

Yes, they were expensive, but isn't this game all about personnal preference ?



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but they are far better than many of the sub/sat systems currently available.

That is opinion and as such is subjective. I sure you'll find many people on here who agree and disagree. I am glad you are happy with your purchase, as that is all that matters.


Like Crusty (i think), i can appreciate a product for what it is, and not just compare it to the ultimate item on the market. The Bose is a neat and unobtrusive solution for a lot of people, and most aren't buying to get the best sound quality they can.

Most people who slate Bose have probably never heard it, and are just repeating what they've been told by a friend, who's comparing them to his big cheap floorstanders he's got at home. That and dealers who're jealous that they don't sell it because it's so popular.

If people are interested in the Bose because of it's proportions, and then they hear it and are happy with the sound, i don't see a problem. In a way, i'm jealous.....i wish i could be happy with speakers that small!!


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I have owned an acousstimass 10 for a year I am no expert but I am more than happy with the sound, Yes they may be expensive but I made my choice. There may well be better alternatives and in yrs to come change them fora different speakerbut for now Iam more than happy...

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