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Bose AM15 + Sony STR-DG820


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Hi All,

Very new to surround sound etc. I am buying a bose surround speaker set (AM15's) and rather than spend the (nearly) £1k extra on the V system or lifestyle I thought a good old Sony AV amp should serve me well for my needs....

So, I know a lot of people dislike bose, I'm not one of them - my question is would a STR-DG820 be good enough for the AM15's? Is there anything else I should consider?

I have a new KDL-46D3500, sony dvd, ipod dock, hdd (yet to get), ps2 and then sky...

Any ideas comments much appreciated! :smashin:
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Sorry for the bump - need to get an amp by the weekend, I know there is a thread re the 820, but will this suit the bose system? All comments appreciated!



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No Bose fans here.
But I'll take the bite.
I have the AM6 hooked up to a DG720. It performs fine for my needs.
The 820 is actually a pretty good amp (as is the 720 btw).
Yes, there are better speakers than Bose. Especially for the money. But I like the looks, and the size. Other small speakers just don't look that good...
That was a huge factor in my decision.
Someone I know has the same setup as me, except he has an extra REL Q200 hooked up to his amp. That setup actually sounds quite nice.
What kind of expectations do you have from the AM15?


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Thanks, I've chosen Bose mainly because of looks - I dont want my lounge to look 'overun' with av equipment. I wanted something that will look discreet and provide a very nice surround sound. I looked at others as had no real preference to bose, but most others just looked too bulky/ugly etc..unless anyone can show me something very similar in looks..

I have bose in my S4 and love it, I've also heard the AM15 at a friends and was very impressed. Just looking for good quality for a Saturday night movie in with the Mrs..


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You have an S4? That is such an awesome car.... :thumbsup:
We've had 3 A4s so far and we're prolly never going to switch brands anymore. Last one got totalled though :(
Anyway, there are alternatives to the Bose AM series though. The Kef eggs are supposed to sound better, and look not that bad.
Also, I thought monitor audio had a small speaker range, not sure about that.
Like I said, it depends on what you expect from the performance.
A lot of friends coming over just have a simple home theather system at home, so my system even though it's an AM6 does sound better compared to theirs.
It's an enthusiast forum over here, and in that perspective, no, the Bose series are of course not the preferred choice. But we all have to keep things in perspective.
For the criteria (a Saturday movie, discrete looking and nice design while still have surround sound) I think you'll be fine.


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Yup - have a B7 S4 cab and absolutely love it - had the 3.0 quattro cab before but this is just awesome!

Just looked at the KEF's, dont like em :( they are half the price though!

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