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Hi all,

Two questions

1) there are two knobs on the sub called BASS and LFE - I dont understand the distinction - are they both volume controls for the bass- whats the differance?The manual is no help at all.
I want the bass to be deeper but less boomy

2) Has anyone ever upgraded either the speaker cable or the connection between the amp and the sub boc ( like a pc cable).How on earth do you do so and is it worth the effort - i was thinking of qed silver anniversary but dont know how you get it into the speakers and again have no idea how you upgrade the pc type cable either.

Do Bose do something or maybe a 3rd party ?



The best upgrade I personally think is to get a seperate sub.This makes the sound so much better through the little cubes.



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Bass is a normal bass adjustment

LFE is to adjust the 'Low Frequency effects' which is a seperate mix in the digital surround signal.

I would agree with philb that the bass module will not reproduce subsonic frequencies to the depths of a good subwoofer. Although they do produce a good amount for their size there is only so much you can ask from 6 inches......even three of them!

I am happy that mine will rattle the glasses in the kitchen at 30hZ though:devil:

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