Bose Acoustimass alternatives?

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Jan 2, 2011
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Hi all. Firstly I have seen there are some similar posts to this but nothing too recent.

Im moving to london in 3 months time and expect to be limited with space. I want to get a home cinema setup but it needs to be as small as possible without being awful.
I know bose are not overly popular around here and to be honest I dont want to spend what they ask anyway, just using them as an example of what im after.
Would be interested in any first hand experience with similar products, a couple iv seen are the boston and the new new (ish) cambridge audio minx, any thoughts on these?

Possible would use my wharfedale 10.1 for the fronts, would these in anyway over power the smaller speakers in the rest of the 5.1 setup? Also any info on an amp would be welcome.

Many thanks.
The bostons are pretty good considering their size and worth a look. If going for the 10.1 as fronts then you really want the matching centre. This is because you want the front 3 speakers to be a tonal match to keep an integrated front soundstage. Also considering the centre takes around 60% of the total sound output you also really want to make sure it is up to the job.
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Thanks for the info about the front 3 speakers, i'll probably just keep them as is for stereo otherwise knowing what im like i'll end up changing my mind about the setup 100 times.

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