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Can someone help please i have just purchased a Yamaha DSP-A1 Av Amplifier. It is a 7 channel unit and i want to take full advantage of this but at the moment i have 5 Bose Acoustimass SPeakers, can you adda extra Bose satellite speakers to the setup or any recomendations for other speakers?


gmt steve

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You could add a seperate Stereo only Bose Acoustimass system to the extra back amp channels. You don't say which Base system you currently have, I assume it's a AM10 or AM15. If so then your best bet is an AM5.

Big Al

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Definatly the way to go.

I have an accoustimas 4 for fronts & centre & accoustimas 3 for rear duties. This gives you two accoustimas bass modules and allows for better bass coverage throughout the room.

Big Al
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