Bose 801/802


I'm looking for some speakers to go in a 12ft x 8ft shed I'm using as a gym.

I'm after something that's fairly robust and goes fairly loud whilst sounding hd decent.

I've had an urge to buy some bose hi fi speakers and my wish for this was enthralled again at the weekend having visited the superdry shop in York who had the store kitted out with 801's and were playing some dance type music. It was pretty loud and seemed to have plenty if energy and sounded very good indeed.

I'm not really clued up on bose kit. They had a few bose boxes - amps/eq systems behind the cashier desk.

I'm not sure if speakers like the 801/2's need these or can I use a normal stereo amp? Also the specs and reviews seem to suggest they don't do bass very well and only go down to 70hz. I'm 99.9% sure the speakers in the shop were going down a fair but lower than this, they certainly seemed to hit hard. I couldn't see a sub and the bass seemed very even throughout the store?

Apologies for my rambling. Any further info on these would be greatly appreciated.


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I didn't know there was a superdry shop in York! I presume you know there is a Bose shop at the designer outlet there or are you not from around here
I was visiting on the way back from Scarborough its an absolutely massive shop right in the town centre!

We've got one here in Birmingham too mate, I'm more interested in the older 801/2 models that I can pick up for a few hundred quid but not sure how to power/EQ them as they seem to need an 801C.

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