Bose 301s-anygood?



In the middle of constructing a second lounge, which will be used for socialising. I have bought a Linn Classik music system to be mounted in the bar and now im looking for speakers. I really like the look of the Bose 301 speakers mounted on wall brackets. I can only mount speakers on brackets so stand mounting is out of the question.

Does anybody have any experiance of these speakers?

All help very much appreciated

Paul :)


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Hi...welcome to the forums.....I think you'll probably encounter a fair bit of advice against the Bose speakers,which whilst fulfilling a purpose and a niche quite well,do not offer in general either good value or good performance.

You should look at all of the other speakers with wall mounting as an option,including all of the egg type speakers(KEF etc) and also perhaps things like the NXT panels.
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