Question Bose 301 III or Mission 760i SE


Hello all, i own a pair of Bose 301 series III and im wondering if a pair of Mission 760i SE would be a good trade. Never heard those missions, so maybe someone could give me an advice. It's playing with a NAD 3020i.
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I've not heard either of these speakers but it's pretty clear the Bose 301 Mk3 are an acquired taste. What this means in practice is that you have probably grown accustomed to their unusual presentation of sound by now so just about any other speaker is likely to sound very different - and quite possibly not good to your ears.

Many (most?) folk, I think, would suggest the Mission are a better speaker, but that doesn't mean they suit you. The Mission is small so probably won't have as much bass volume or extension as the Bose - check specs if you can find any online. In a large room, the Missions will likely sound too lightweight. Without hearing the Missions first, this trade is too risky, IMO.

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