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Bose 123 not exporting bass

Discussion in 'AV Pre-Amp/Processors & Power Amps' started by Joe_Coolish, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. Joe_Coolish


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    ok, here is a diagram of my home audio.


    Ok, now, the problem is, is that my TT in my couch isn't getting bass signals. It's getting really wierd ambient noise signals. I think that it's the processor on my Bose 123 home system. The TT is basically a vibrator that shakes my couch when like a plane blows up, or an orc shoots an arrow or what not. But it's just picking up the most random...tracks i guess. I think it could be that my JVC processor is just old, so what should I look for that will take the L and R audio channels from my DVD bose system and export only the bass? I already have a crossover hookup to my system, and that only eliminated the voices (which is what it need to do) So, any help would be great!


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