Bosch WAN28100GB


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I have had this washing machine just under 2 years and only really use the dark wash at 30 degrees, which i understood to be 4kg load. Recently it has not been spinning the clothes as dry as before and i'm having to spin them agin, so i had a service guy call who said i should use the cottons wash at 30 degs and i wasn't putting a big enough load on, but i've never used 7kg as there are only 2 of us, but i agreed to try it as he said he was almost certain i wasn't putting enough load in. It's exactly the same & i have to keep using the spin only again which is wasting electric. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you


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It sounds like the machine may have a balance issue so shutting down the higher spin speeds. Could be a failed suspension damper. Sounds like the engineer is talking horlicks.


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Have you tried overriding and increasing the spin speed by pressing the RPM button at the beginning of the wash?
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