Bosch frost free fridge freezer problems


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I have a Bosch Frost-free fridge-freezer model KGN39V00GB/01 serial number 8606/160047 purchased in 2006. I chose this model because of the large fridge section and the fact that it has no protruding handles on the front.

It has been nothing but trouble and upset. I bought it because it was FROST FREE and would never need defrosting. Instead each year there has been a build up of solid clear ice on the bottom of the freezer below the bottom drawer (the freezer section is the lower half) and at one point the door would not close due to ice build up pushing out the "roof" plastic part at the top of the freezer section. At the same time the fan started making a hell of a racket and I thought that the motor would burn out. There is meant to be a fan and a heating element which removes the need to ever defrost this appliance which is why I bought it. I have called out an engineer three years running to sort this out and yet again I have solid ice building up in the bottom of the freezer cabinet. I am exasperated and worried that if I call them out again they will try and say it is "old" but I haven't had a clear year's usage of the thing yet. Can any Bosch engineer throw any light on this before I go back yet again to the manufacturer. Thanks.


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Seems like exactly the problem i have with my Hotpoint frost free.The problem is bad design.If you can remove the panels above where the ice builds up you will find a massive block of ice attached to the heater matrix.There is a drain hole that becomes frozen because of this bad design and instead of the water evaporating its constanly turning to an ever bigger block of ice.Have you found the fridge part not as cold as normal ?
This is because the block of ice extends over the opening to cool the fridge.


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Hi we take our Bosch frost free freezer with same problem outside when empty remove panels in front of heat exchanger and hose out. This is the only way to get unit back to full operational efficiency quickly. The manual does say periodic defrosting is required.

As to the cause we put it down to the door of freezer being opened too frequently and for too long especially when lot of humidity in the air.

They are sold as frost free but like anything need a little inconvenient maintainence.

Hope this helps you out :)

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