Borked GPU?


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I think my R9 4390 8gb card may have developed a fault and would appreciate some advice please. Its running in my desktop with an Ryzen 3600, 16gb RAM, 2 SSD drives and 2 HD's.

Day to day use is fine. When I run any kind of benchmark the computer either crashes/hangs or reboots, usually at the GPU testing stage, as if any load on the GPU makes it throw a wobbly. Its been fine upto now although the games I play are not that GPU intensive (Hald Life Black Mesa)

My initial thought was the PSU which was an old 750w Aerocool Mod XT (which I subsequently read had not glowing reviews but ok) so I just changed it for a 650w Core Reactor 650 gold . I think this should still be powerful enough for my rig. However, no luck as the benchmarks still made it crash.

I have uninstalled the GPU drivers, used DDU and then installed older drivers which are known to be stable but no luck.
I have an old GTX750TI card so swapped it and the PC did not crash so it does sound like the R9 is playing up but is there anything else I can do to check the card please, in case its something fixable (unlikely)?

If not, I guess I will have to get a replacement which I was expecting as I want to connect to my Oculus Quest 2 but am aware of the drought at present!

Thank you
check the GPU temp maybe - if its overheating when pushed by the GPU test it could be crashing. I would check the fans are OK and the fins are clean. Maybe get an app to report the temp when your testing it.

Also check the heatsink hasnt lifted up off the gpu.


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You could also try ruling out windows/driver if you have a spare HDD, disconnect current HDD, do a clean install on spare HDD just to test with, see if problem persists.


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Thank you both.
I took the card apart and cleaned it. The GPU chip was mostly covered in paste.
However when I ran a hardware monitor the temps were getting to over 85c under load and I then noticed the fans were not on! Checking the setting and the fan setting appears too low! amending this meant I got the SteamVR test finally running.
Not sure whether to return the new PSU now, the old one was probably fine but I think my current one was better reviewed ?
Thanks again
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