Boring Connectivity for a newbie !



Hi all, i am new to this forum and like using forums as they are normally populated by smart entusiastic folks.

Here is the situation: I have the following hardware

Panasonic TH42PW5B
Dennon AVR 3802
KEF 2005 system
Sky Plus Box

How the heck do I connect it all up? I thought that I could use a componant connection into the Plasma from the receiver and plug everything else into the Dennon.

Is this right or am I a space cadet?

Thanks All in advance

PS I need to buy the interconnects does anyone know of a very helpful shop in Essex that would be willing to be squeezed for infor in return for the interconnects purchases?


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I thought that I could use a componant connection into the Plasma from the receiver and plug everything else into the Dennon.

If only life were that simple. I think we all wish we could do that!

Unfortunately I think you will find that the amp only outputs a component signal if you give it a component signal, if you plug a composite or s-vid into it, this will not be output via component.

There are loads and loads of posts here covering Plasma connectivity issues, I suggest you do some searches then re-post if you still have specific questions.


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While you could search the forum, there's no harm in covering some of the basics again. Afterall, it would be silly not to ask if you are a bit lost.

You have various options on how to connect your system up. While you have component on your screen, you've got to ensure you've got a component video source. Sky+ gives you S-Video (4-pin mini DIN) and RGB (via SCART). I'm not sure on the PS2 (I'm more XBox myself), but you will probably have similar depending on the extra cables you've bought.

S-Video can go via your amp, but not RGB. RGB is the better of the signals, and probably the one you'll want to stick with to get the most from the screen.

To connect up RGB, and still have your other inputs free for, say, a VCR, you'll need to consider an RGB to Plasma VGA unit. This will go in to the PC type connection, but can also go to the five RGBHV input too.

One advantage in keeping the component video inputs free is that it will allow you to add a progressive scan DVD player at a later date.

If you have component video switching on your amplifier, this does open up another option. If going for a progressive scan DVD player, you can route this through the amp, have Sky's RGB output converted to component and have video switching done on the amp.

I'm sure this has probably raised more questions than it answered, but feel free to contact me.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.
J.S. Technology


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Also ...

to save on connections and keep up the quality you can connect your PS2 using the PS2 RGB scart cable to the sky+ and then rgb scart from the sky+ to one of Dr J's RGB>VGA boxes ...

AV Freak

Thanks for the posts, for some reason the Plasmad screen name kept kicking me out so sorry for the delay.

i solved the problem in the end and bought the PW5 Tuner Box which accepts 3 SCART inputs (2RGB) and one component. I know its the easy way out but my brain was beginning to sizzle.

Thanks again, very helpful.

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