Boring BG800 questions - newbie alert

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Fellow Videophiles,

After some fairly stressful ebay action and a quick scoot across the country to pick up a 60kg lump, I am the proud owner of a bg800.

I have scoured the service & owner manuals, and searched for forum, but I still have a couple of un-answered questions if anyone is feeling charitable..

I'm trying to get a good picture from my Hollywood Plus card. I've got the VGA output going into the BG800 via a 120Mhz RGB interface. My problem is, I can't control the colour balance or saturation.

To get a picture with any contrast, the brightness on the BG800 has to be very low. With brightness at this level, the saturation of reds is very low compared to blue and green, so the picture takes on an 'underwater' look.

Also, I'm thinking of mounting the projector in a vertical configuration! I plan to use a mirror to direct the picture forwards. I can flip vertically and horizontally, so no problems there, I just need to know whether to go for front-silvered or mylar mirror material, or what other options are available.



Roland @ B4

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That sound more like the PC is pushing out an unterminated signal. Or the gains have been turned up internaly.

If this a Barco 120Mhz interface does it have the gain controls on the box? If so make sure they are set to their mid possition.

A typical well set up barco being fed an RGB signal will have the brightness at 40% and the contrast between 60- 75%.

I presume you are looking to mount the PJ on the back wall and shine off a mirror. I have seen this done a few times and normally it doesn't work due to throw / viewing ratios. Most people like to sit about 1.5 to 2 times the screen width away. If the projector is behind you you may end up with an image too big for comfort.

Technically there is no reason for mounting an 800 vertically but be aware that there is air in the cooling fluid and it must not come close to the displayed area of the phosphor.

Check in picture control on the projector that the colour balance is set to 6500K and do a rough balance on the PC then use custom balace to fine tweek


Hi Roland,

Thanks for the excellent info, problem solved.

On the subject of viewing angle, I take on board your words of wisdom, but having read just a smidgeon, I'm plumping for quite a wide angle, to aid the immersive quality of the experience. As it is I have a 75" projection distance while sitting alonside the projector, and I find the screen a tad distant.

However, the danger that a vertical setup may cause damage to the phosphor does concern me. Is there anything specific which I should avoid or look out for?

Many thanks,

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