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Looks very interesting, Edit-looks like it came out last year, must have missed it, only seen the trailer tonight for the first time.
Quoted from Indiewire.com:

Caustic, surreal, creepy, and blackly funny, Dutch polymath Alex van Warmerdam’s “Borgman” is the trickster god in this year’s Cannes competition pantheon. Tonally similar to recent cultish favorites from Yorgos Lanthimos and Ben Wheatley (“Dogtooth” feels like a particularly close and favoured first cousin), there’s also a little Haneke in its chilly dissection of a perfect bourgeois life. But it’s really its own thing, due to the inspired choice to take recognisable archetypes of evil and mischief-making, and let them loose on a crisply contemporary, contained playground in the form of an aspirational, architect-designed modernist house, its gardens, and the lives of the family that lives there.
With pitch-perfect performances across the board, and boasting crisp photography and editing, the film never ceases to twist, turn and surprise, taking wicked joy in constantly switching us back on ourselves and our expectations of the characters. Appropriate, then, that it popped up at us like a jack-in-the-box this morning to prove one of the biggest unexpected pleasures the festival has thus far provided.

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I totally enjoyed it very fresh and original.

Borgman 2013 Alex van Warmerdam
A very different and darkly humoured home invasion movie that leaves you with so many questions unanswered and actually works in its favour,first film I've seen from Alex van Warmerdam and this as left me very intrigued to see what else is in his bag.


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I should have known you would have picked this one up:)
Cheers for the review!

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