Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel PC Review


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According to Steam stats I've clocked approaching 400 hours on BL 1 & 2, I had a brief play of this and just didn't want to go any further.


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I didn't buy it as I wasn't sure on the game idea, seems like it was a good choice.

Mind you I've still the second one to complete :rolleyes:


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played the other 2 to death, completing both twice to reach top level.]

I felt in this it was a real step back, oxygen mask makes me feel so limited in exploration whilst also elpis felt uninspiring to venture off. a real lack of wow moments or real sense of exploration. loot also felt underwhelmed to the last, dunno if i already knew them but 16 or so hours in and the best of my loot is a grenade... as for my co-op partner his was a shield... doesn't really get the excitement boiling. story felt pointless and not as funny or endearing as the others.

I was really looking forward to just more borderlands but i realized it was all the small things that made them so good, level design for me probably the biggest disappointment. An adventure game where the world feels vacant and uninteresting..


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I like it although its very much more grinding that the 2nd.

I live the low gravity but not the o2 system.

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