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Bootcamp iMac mid 2011


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Hi Guys,

I've been going around in circles now for two days. I've getting rid of my old iMac and giving it to my son. I wanted to do a clean install of Windows on it before I gave it to him, but everything I try seems to fail. I originally had Windows 7 on there, but took it off about 6 months ago after I did a clean install to Mavericks.

So, I started with an Windows 8.1 Pro ISO, but as my iMac has an optical drive had to install via optical disc, so I burnt it to disc, started the process, at 3% I get a corrupted media error message. Tried again, exactly the same thing. Next I read up on how you can edit the info.plist file in Boot Camp assistant to allow it to create a bootable USB from ISO, edited all that, created the USB, got to the point just after I'd formatted the hard drive and then get the following error;

"The selected disk has a MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed on GPT disks."

This seems to be caused when you have an optical drive and are trying to install from USB. So I went back to the optical method. I had a Windows 7 64bit disc, so I tried that. This time I got to about 22% before I got the corrupt media message. So I went out and bought a pack of blank DVDs and re-burnt the Windows 8.1 ISO and tried again, it still stopped at exactly the same point. At that point I went home and decided to pick up a Windows 8.1 retail disc on my way in today.

So this morning with a brand new Window 8.1 disc I tried again, it bombed out at exactly the same point as all the other 8.1 discs had. I then remembered I'd actually had trouble installing Windows 7 64bit in the first place, so decided to try 8.1 32bit. It installed perfectly in less than 10 minutes. As soon as it was done I went to install the bootcamp driver and got a "This app is can't be run on your PC" message. At first I thought it was Windows Screensafe kicking in, but then came to realise it was actually bootcamp is now 64bit only. At which point I was quite pleased I managed not to put the mallet sat on the shelf above the iMac through the screen.

So I'm now currently trying Windows 7 32bit, but it didn't start well, I popped the DVD into the drive just to get a bad whirring / crunching noise for 30 seconds before the iMac decided to spit it back out. So I've not copied the disc from another drive to a DVD, so fingers crossed this might go OK.

If anyone has any suggestions about how to get around the 8.1 64bit error message I'm all ears!



Previously MacGeekPaul
I don’t know if this will help you filmfreak71, if you expand all half way down the page, it tells you which versions of Windows work with which Mac, and also links to the relevant Boot Camp software.
I tried a while ago to put Windows on my Mac mini, it was a total ball ache, after days of head scratching and swearing, I gave up, for what I was going to use it for it wasn’t worth it, in the end I used Parallels and created a VM of Windows, it worked a treat.
However as it’s for your lad, he probably wants to do some gaming on it, in which case Boot Camp might be your best bet.


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The Windows 7 32 bit version did finally install, but according to that list 64bit should have worked as well, but never did.


Previously MacGeekPaul
filmfreak71 did you manage to get any further with this?
I’ve been looking on some other forums and it does seem to be quite a common problem, but with with different machines and different Windows versions, some have managed to install correctly, but there doesn’t seem to be a definitive solution.
I did find this thread that has official Windows ISO files to download directly, then you can either burn new copies to USB or DVD, they have all different versions, so you can try a couple and see they may help. All you have to do is enter your Activation key during the install, otherwise it will be on the 30-day trial period.

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