Boosting Wireless Signal?


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I've got a bit of a prob with my current network set up. I've moved into a place that's using a Linksys Wireless Router, which has to be in the living room. There's only one place i can put the 360 in my bedroom, and this seems to be a bit of a dead spot. I do get a connection, but it's not the greatest. I'm using the official MS wireless adapter for the 360.

My question is this... is there a way of either boosting the signal, or perhaps relocating the ariel on the wireless adapter?

Any (reasonable) suggestions welcome... Thanks

P.S: I can't change the location of the router or the 360 without a lot of hassle.


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The new 'n' standard (as opposed to the existing 'g' standard) is, I understand, more powerful but the standard is not yet accepted so although companies are selling n kit there is no guarantee that the standard will not change.


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You could get a USB extension cable (Male to Female) so that you could put the XBox 360's Wireless Adapter in a better position.

I haven't tried this myself, but I see no reason for it not to work.

You can quite easily get hold of a 3m one like this!


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Try to locate the 360 PSU as far away as possible from the console as it produces a staggering amount of signal disruption.


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Just plugged in a 5m long USB extension cable and i've managed to get 4/5 bars now... a lot better than the single red one!

Top marks for the Official Wireless Adapter, without it I would be resricted as to where I could place a bridge die to the power.


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If you can, don't use wireless, but use connect you're 360 up to you're router by wire.

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