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Boost the signal from HD box connected to TV using coax

Daniel Green

Novice Member
Hi there... I have installeed my HD box in my bedroom and connected it to the TV downstairs using a coax (I didn't want the box on show downstairs and I couldn't afford to connect it using HDMI). The picturer I get downstairs isn't great and I am not even sure it is SD let alone HD. I know I would get some degrading of the picture using a coax buyt surely there is something I can do to boos the picture quality?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Stevenage Neil

Distinguished Member
You will only ever get SD from a co-ax connection. The RF out of a Sky box is the worst video quality the box outputs.

PS You posted in the wrong forum if you have a HD box.


Distinguished Member
As you know, RF coax is the worst picture (and sound) quality of all. Analogue, grainy picture and mono sound. You can't make it any better - that's why things like HDMI, component, RGB scart, s-video, even composite scart were invented.

If your downstairs TV is anything other than a 22" CRT, you are not doing yourself any favours by connecting the Sky box to it via RF.

Daniel Green

Novice Member
I know I messed up... but now that the wires are all nicely tucked into the walls I can't exactly do much about that... just wanted to see if there were any way to improve it without hvaing to chase new HDMI wires

Stevenage Neil

Distinguished Member
If you've got a HD box then presumably you have a HD subscription, (£10.25/mo). I also presume that most of your Sky viewing is done downstairs?

If that is the case then the best thing you can do is to bite the bullet and relocate the Sky box downstairs and connect to your TV via HDMI. You can use the existing co-ax for your upstairs TV if you have one.

(Even running HDMI cable from upstairs may be troublesome and will only give you stereo sound instead of the full Dolby 5.1)

As Broadz said earlier, viewing Sky via RF is really only meant for occasional viewing on a small screen TV.


Yes, wrong sub-forum, therefore moved.
You could try using different channels and putting in an amplifier but it won't make much difference.
Replacing the cable with HDMI would introduce new problems.
So that's the answer - put the machine in the main room and send its RF2 Out to the other room.

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