Boost plusnet signal with a sky router?


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Moved in with the gf, she has +net. The signal in certain parts of the house is none existant.

Is there a way to boost the signal using my sky router? Or will I be best off spending £20 on a booster?


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AFAIK you could install a custom firmware on the old sky router, such as DD-WRT and then set it up as a repeater.

This of course depends on your competence and patience.

I personally found it easier to just purchase a repeater :D


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Have a read of our "using two routers together" FAQ.

Nothing can "boost" wi-fi signals; it's just not possible. In any case, "more signal from the router" is not the best solution.

A primer on how Wi-Fi really works can be found here.

"Repeating" will at least half your Wi-Fi bandwidth (speed) so most people avoid it unless there's no other option. Additional outpost Wi-Fi AP's cabled back to your router is the best option.
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